3 Great Ways to Improve Your Building’s Structure

Owning a building actually comes with a significant amount of responsibility. If someone gets injured due to your building, you will most certainly be sued. This is one of the major reasons businesses have to buy insurance as outlined by the Small Business Administration.

However, there are things you can do to make your building safer. Below are three different ways you can improve your building’s structure.

1. Have It Inspected

One easy way to discover what you need to do to improve your building is to have it inspected for possible hazards. Most large cities have their own department of building inspection. However, you shouldn’t contact them unless you really want to be fined by the local government. Instead, hire an independent third party to give your building a thorough inspection.

Make sure the building is inspected for things like mold, bad plumping, asbestos and faulty wiring. Those can all certainly be fixed. Also hire an inspector to specifically check to make sure that your building is architecturally sound. Even if it was once approved by an architect, things could have changed over the years.

2. Make Your Building Disaster Proof

Certain areas of the country are more likely to be hit by certain kinds of natural disasters than others. According to USA Today, Texas receives an average of 126 tornadoes a year while Alaska receives an average of zero. If you are at risk of experiencing a natural disaster due to your location, consider investing money in making your building more disaster proof.

If your building is near a major fault line, for example, it may be a good idea to attempt to earthquake proof your building for up to a 7.0 earthquake. If your building is in the flood plain of a major river, you better make plans to insure that your building will be able to sustain a significant flood.

3. Reinforce Your Existing Building

Certain buildings simply weren’t designed with longevity in mind. This can become a problem for later owners that inherit the structure. However, you don’t necessarily have to knock the building down and start from scratch. One alternative is to hire a builder and see what can be done about improving the overall stability of the structure.

There may be many viable options that are doable with your current building. For example, wooden support beams can be replaced by stronger and more durable steel. A crumbling foundation can be replaced by lifting up the building and laying new concrete. A leaky roof can certainly be repaired with only a few days of labor. Make sure you get the problem inspected and then shop the job around to multiple contractors to get the best deal.