3 Reasons Preventing Bacteria Growing in the Oil Industry Matters

Bacteria growth in the oil industry has adverse consequences. With the right conditions, a bacterium thrives in oil tanks and systems. Its presence is not always easily noticeable. If you don’t detect the problem in good time, you will suffer huge losses. If you notice the bacteria growth early enough, it is best to deal with the problem immediately. You can also take measures to prevent its growth way before it starts. Such a step is essential and rewarding.


Here are three reasons why it is crucial to prevent bacteria growth in the oil industry.


It leads to oil quality degradation


One of the major effects of the growth of bacteria in the oil industry is quality degradation. The bacteria have the oil as their source of food. Some types of oil do not have chemicals that are strong enough to kill these harmful micro-organisms. This paves way for them to contaminate these oils which has a number of ramifications. It might change the oil’s color. It can also reduce its combustion efficiency and cause poor detergency. In addition to this, it leads to oil corrosion. It is always safer to prevent the bacteria growth rather than suffer all these negative effects.


Corrosion of pipelines


Preventing bacteria growth in the oil industry also reduces the chances of the pipeline corrosion. Presence of aerobic bacteria in oil causes metal corrosion; most oil pipelines are metallic. When they corrode, they become weak and affect the oil flow. They can possibly lead to a leak which is one of the worst things that can happen to an oil company. Oil spills are dangerous especially when the oil is highly combustible. They contaminate water bodies and pose a health hazard. They also lead to losses which are highly demotivating. The cost of repairing and replacing the pipes is high. All these problems can be avoided by taking effective measures to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Clogged filters and strainers


The presence of bacteria also leads to the clogging of filters and strainers in oil tanks. This is due to the dirty slime that eventually develops in the fuel. When the filters are blocked, the oil cannot flow properly. To prevent such an occurrence, it is advisable for an oil company to take steps in order to prevent the growth of bacteria in oil.


Bacteria are micro-organisms that can easily be ignored. However, they are highly destructive and they have major negative effects on the oil industry. They have the ability to degrade the quality of oil due to contamination. They can also block oil filters and strainers, consequently altering the flow of oil. Moreover, they corrode oil pipelines causing spills which have a negative impact on our environment. These are the reasons why preventing bacteria growth in the oil industry is crucial.