3 Signs it’s time to Replace Your Favorite Watch

Most of us use watches every day for a number of different reasons. Whether we just bought the watch or have worn it for years, we often take glances down at our wrists every so often to keep up with the time. We use watches at work, on errands, or sometimes when we’re out shopping. However, what happens when that one watch we’ve always relied on so much suddenly stops working? Here are 3 ways to tell if it’s time to replace our favorite watch.

One way to tell if it’s time to replace your watch is if you accidentally jump in a pool, suddenly forgetting that your watch isn’t waterproof! Usually, this action is a big no-no, especially if your watch isn’t protected from water, because if it gets wet it will automatically stop working. When even a replaced battery won’t save it, it’s a sign that it’s time to find a new watch and ditch the waterlogged one. There are many different kinds of watches you can buy today that will be perfectly fine if they get wet.

Another way to determine whether your watch needs replacement or not is if it gets smashed. If you accidentally drop something heavy on your watch, chances are that it will be thoroughly crushed, from the glass cover to the battery. Unless it somehow miraculously continues to tick even with all the dents and cracks, it’s time to get a new one, and quickly!

A third signal for replacing your favorite watch is that if it’s so old that the battery eventually runs out and that the battery is so old that there are no newer models that can even replace it. Though if the watch is historic or of value, it’s probably still smart to keep it stored in a drawer somewhere for safe keeping, or to put it on display. There are many new watches that have been designed and released this year, and many of them are quite stylish!

So while you may love the many traits and characteristics of your old watch, it’s probably the safest bet to replace it once it becomes too far gone to even work properly anymore. That can mean if it’s destroyed by heavy items, by water, or in some sort of accident. Though you may want to do thorough research on a very old watch to determine if it has value before you decide to toss it out. You never know how much it could really be worth, even if it stops working!