3 Ways to Prepare for a Simple Tax Season

Although it occurs every year, tax season is often unpredictable if you don’t prepare for it. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can get ready for the task of filing your taxes in an accurate manner. What are some steps that you should take right now to make tax season easy and straightforward this year and in future years?

Keep Good Records Throughout the Year

It is important that you keep good records throughout the year to ensure that you take all the deductions and credits that you are entitled to. If you buy a new computer for your business, keep a receipt or evidence of that payment such as a bank or credit card statement.

If you rent space to conduct business or use your home to conduct business, make sure you keep records of all of your expenses related to occupying that space. In addition to keeping yourself organized, you can make it easier for your accountant to complete and file tax forms if you use one.

Review Your Finances With an Accountant Once or Twice a Year

For many, it may be a good idea to talk with an accountant about their financial situation and what they should prepare for from a tax perspective. Having such a meeting may make you aware of tax credits and deductions that you may not have heard of or would have otherwise known about.

If you get divorced, an accountant may help you deal with issues such as claiming dependent credits for your children or how to account for alimony you may either pay or receive. Alimony is often tax-deductible for those who pay it and counts as income for those who receive it.

Use Computer Software to File Your Taxes Electronically

Using paper forms to file your taxes is cumbersome and harder than it needs to be. Electronic tax filing programs show you exactly how much you owe and how much a specific credit or deduction can save you. It may even be possible for an electronic filing program to make it easier to file state taxes or business tax returns in addition to your federal personal return. Those who are under the federal or your state’s income threshold may be granted access to free electronic filing software to make sure that you complete your return accurately and get the biggest possible refund.

Completing and filing a tax return doesn’t have to take hours or become a task that you dread doing on your own. With the right preparation and right support system, you can do your taxes in a matter of minutes feeling good that you didn’t make any mistakes or leave any money on the table.