4 Gym Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Health clubs are filled with people of all different backgrounds trying to lose weight, enhance their strength and agility and improve their overall health. And because of the popularity of fitness and health, these gyms are often filled to capacity during peak periods. This necessitates the importance of adhering to certain gym rules and being courteous to other members. That said, here are four key rules of etiquette in which you should abide.

Ask Before Using
Because many workouts are done in close quarters with others, it’s often hard to tell who’s using what at any given moment. Someone may be getting a drink at the fountain or wiping sweat from their brow while leaving a 50-pound dumbbell next to a bench. Another may be just resting several feet from a piece of equipment he’s still using. If in doubt, always ask a person if he or she is still using a weight or machine before you jump in. It’s common courtesy and will prevent you from getting a bad name from others.

Clean Up After Yourself
You expend a lot of energy in the gym, and if your workout lasts 45 minutes or longer, chances are you’re going to sweat. That’s why you should always take a towel to the gym and wipe up after yourself. Better yet, most gyms have cleaners or sanitizers that you can use and wipe up with a paper towel. Sweat carries a lot of germs. It can spread virus and fungus infections, including athlete’s foot, ringworm and various staph infections, according to The New York Times.

Put Weights Away
It’s great that you may have just benched 300 pounds, but others don’t want to have to dismantle your notable achievement. Always put your weights away when you’re finished with them. The old adage is if you’re strong enough to lift it, you’re strong enough to put it away. It’s also common courtesy. Moreover, smaller men or women aren’t as strong as you. People also don’t want to make a workout out of removing your plates from the bar.

Curtail the Selfies
It’s great if you want to snap a shot of you and your buddy training. Just don’t overdo it. Remember the reason you’re at the gym: to train. Also, there’s a few rules to follow when shooting selfies. If you’re in a locker room, make sure you don’t snap a picture of someone else. It’s can be considered an invasion of privacy, according to Huff Post. Therefore, check the background of your photo before snapping it and uploading to any social media pages.

Working out at a gym can be an exhilarating and fun experience. And while you may enjoy and benefit from your workout, make sure others can as well. Adhere to these simple rules of etiquette. Others will really appreciate you for it.