4 Reasons Moving and Storage go Hand in Hand

Some people will use a storage unit on a year-round basis as an extension of their garage or attic space, and it may be used to hold everything from extra furnishings and family heirlooms to holiday decorations and more. Many, however, will use storage units on a short-term basis when they are planning a relocation. Placing some of your belongings into a storage unit when you are preparing to move or during the move can seem counter-intuitive, but there are actually several good reasons why moving and storage go hand in hand.

When Staging a Home
When you are listing your home on the market for sale, your real estate agent likely will tell you to remove all personal effects from the home. This may mean removing sports trophies, family pictures and anything else that personalizes your space. This is because a buyer should be able to envision himself living in the home rather than to feel as though he is touring someone else’s home. A storage unit is often used to hold these various items while the home is on the market.

Moving in Stages
Moving is a major undertaking, and some people find it easier to relocate in stages than to plan to do it all at once. For example, you may already need to put some of your items into storage for staging purposes, so you may take advantage of the extra space in the storage unit to empty out your attic and garage as well. By taking a day or two to do this, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort on moving day.

To Stay More Organized
Storage units are often also used to stay more organized during a move. Consider, for example, that items that you may not use regularly could be stored in the storage unit out of the way. Items that you may use regularly can remain in the home and may be the first items you unpack after you move in. Moving can be chaotic, and using a storage unit in this way can help you to get settled in more quickly and easily.

When You Will Be in a Temporary Home
Some people will live in a temporary home for a period of time before moving into their new permanent home. For example, if you sell your home quickly, you may need to live in a small apartment or rental house for a few months. You may not need or want to move everything you own multiple times during a short period of time. A storage unit can be used to hold many of your items while you live in the temporary home and can reduce the moving tasks.

For many people who are preparing to move, a storage unit will come in handy during the relocation process. You may relate to one or all of these points, and you may find that your storage unit is truly helpful in various stages of your relocation efforts.