4 Ways to Promote your Business in a Small Town

When you research marketing and advertising ideas for your business, you may come across many seemingly great ideas for businesses located in a mid-sized or larger city. However, they seem less than ideal for a small town business. While it can be more challenging to create and execute a thoughtful marketing campaign when your business is located in a small community, there are some excellent and cost-effective options available.

Invest in Signage
In a small town, signage is essential. You need signage so that local residents who pass by your place of business are reminded of your products and services. Most residents may drive on common roads in the city at least a few times each week, so signage is essential to stay in front of your target audience. Remember that you can also use signs to draw customers in from other nearby small towns and to attract visitors who are passing through the area. Billboards, for example, can be cost-effective in this type of business environment.

Sponsor a Sports Team
You can see that visibility is important when marketing in a small town. Establishing your business as a pillar in the community is equally important. When you sponsor a local sports team, you can tackle both of these goals. Your company’s logo or business name may be placed prominently on sports jerseys, or your may be able to place a sign on a field for locals and visitors to see.

Use Social Media
You may not think about using social media and online marketing to your benefit when you run a small business. However, after paying a small fee to host your website, related marketing efforts are essentially free or very affordable. You can use social media marketing to keep in touch with locals so that they know about your sales and promotions. Blog posts and other online marketing can also be used to increase the visibility of your business to those in nearby towns who may be interested in making the short drive to visit your business. Remember that this type of marketing pertains to businesses in smaller communities just as it is relevant to businesses operating in larger towns.

Take Advantage of Festivals
Like a sports team sponsorship, hosting a booth at festivals and fairs is another great way to establish a strong presence in the community and to raise awareness of your products or services to out-of-town visitors. Remember that you can also sponsor a booth at festivals and fairs in other nearby towns to further increase awareness of your business.

The approach that you take for marketing and advertising in a small town is different in many ways than what you would do in a larger community. These are all cost-effective ways to build name brand recognition and to drive customers to your business.