5 Great Ways to Lower Your Chance of Injury

Many injuries occur during intense football games when the athletes are tackled. Accidents also happen at skate parks while kids learn how to skate. However, there are five easy ways to prevent injuries on the field and on the pavement.

Wear Protective Gear

A helmet provides protection during softball events, football games, and baseball sessions. To fully protect your skull, you must use a proper helmet for each specific sport or activity. When shopping, select a helmet that fits comfortably on your head. If the helmet has a strap, apply pressure and fasten the material before each game.


If you do not train for a sport, your injury rate will be high. By lifting weights, you will less likely strain your muscles while swinging a bat or throwing a ball. Many people think that they can tone their muscles by trying new sports. However, without a regular conditioning program, different muscles will be sore the next day. If you need help developing a fitness plan, contact a physician. During the examination, the doctor will spot any weakness that could worsen on the court or field. In most cases, a previous injury will lead to chronic issues if it is not rehabilitated correctly.

Get in Shape and Workout Gradually

When the season is over, you must stay in shape by following a fitness program that is designed for your specific sport. One program is not ideal for all sports because different activities may require flexibility, strength, endurance, or agility.

While training, always follow a schedule; if you workout too quickly, you might injury yourself. Once you have a good pace, slowly boost the intensity of each routine.

When running, keep your mileage under 10 percent every week. During weight training sessions, begin with low repetitions and slowly increase the resistance each week. These strategies will prevent injuries because your muscles will have time to adapt to the changes.

Use Proper Form

Sprained muscles and ligaments usually occur when athletes perform poorly on the field or court. For example, if a hockey stick or a baseball bat is not used correctly, a lower back injury will occur. To learn proper form, schedule various training sessions with a sports trainer or a coach.

Drink Water

Dehydration is a serious medical issue that affects athletes who ignore their daily fluid requirements. To stay hydrated, water should be consumed before, during, and after each routine.