5 Important Advantages of Having Your Parking Lot Paved

Curb Appeal can paint a positive picture in the minds of both your new and existing clients. A business with a well-maintained and paved parking lot is perceived as being well managed and more dependable. The customers view the owner of that business as attentive to detail and client-oriented. Therefore, you should strive to create a strategic balance between interior and exterior designs. Apart from improving the design of the parking lot, pavers are easy and quick to install compared to other conventional materials.

1. Aesthetics

Pavers can greatly enhance the aesthetics of any parking lot. Having a smooth, customized, neat pavement surface in your parking lot is an ideal strategy for setting your business apart. If your lot appears ugly, worn out, and in serious need of repair, it will send an impression of low quality to your customers, employees, and guests. A professional paver can help you to choose pavers that match with the architectural design of your building and install them for you.

2. Cost efficient and durable surface

Paving your parking lot will save you money in the end due to the minimal and budget friendly maintenance required. When accurately fitted and compacted, paved lot will require little maintenance. Therefore, a paved lot can give you a peace of mind since you do not need to worry constantly about it deteriorating over time. Once installed and the right materials used to fill them, pavers can withstand the weight of small cars and heavy equipment such as fully loaded 18-wheelers and wheel loaders. The gravel fill offers a long-lasting surface, which can easily handle heavy loads.

3. Simple parking space design

With pavers, you can improve the appearance of your lot and mark out parking spaces leveraging push-in plastic caps that come in a wide range of colors. In case you find out the design is problematic or disorganized, you can have the caps removed and repositioned. A specialist can help you redesign the entire parking space by shifting from a 60-degree parking outline consisting of single-direction paths to a 90-degree outline with two-way paths to increase the number of spaces. You can change the lane widths, dimensions of parking spaces, and any feature that appears inefficient to you.

4. Minimizes drainage requirements

Paved lots lower the drainage requirements significantly since the water can freely move through the limestone or gravel surface. Additionally, flooding does not occur provided the soil drains well. In regions that freeze frequently, the soil moisture’s expansion and contraction will not cause cracks or buckles on the pavement surface.

5. Increasing the market value of your property

If you are property owner looking to sell your apartment complex, optimizing your curb appeal through paving your lot is a valuable investment. Improving the exterior of your building can offer an increase in the value of close to five percent.

The parking lot is usually the first thing your guests, customers, and employees notice when they approach your business. A clean, well-maintained parking lot serves as an incredible first impression that boosts your brand image. It is also a sign that you mind the safety of both your clients and employees.