5 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation Soon

Life can get quite hectic with work and responsibilities, so taking a vacation often seems out of the question for many. If the financial undertaking seems overwhelming, there is no time for the large amount of planning, daily tasks get in the way, or some other reason is holding you back from taking a vacation, it is important to consider the many benefits of time off that can improve your life in both the short and long run. Here are five reasons you should take that vacation soon.

1. Taking vacation time helps you live longer

According to study, taking at least one vacation a year can help you live up to 20 percent longer than those who take infrequent vacations. Taking time off particularly lowers the risk for heart disease and its contributors, such as high blood pressure, and lowers stressors, which decreases the risk of death in the years after a vacation, leading to a happier and healthier life.

2. It reduces stress and increases productivity

Going on vacation provides you with the chance to recharge your batteries and can leave your body feeling refreshed, less stressed, more patient, and overall more relaxed. Even if you thoroughly enjoy work, there can be tasks, people, and moments that spike stress levels. By taking a vacation, you can distance yourself from these factors, and the break will allow you to focus and better deal with stress when you return to work from a trip.

3. Going now reduces the chance of missed vacation days
Americans receive less vacation days than any other developed country, and this leads people to save those days for a time when they really think they will need it. Workers really want to make the two weeks count, so they wait for the perfect opportunity. In reality, waiting turns into never taking those days to begin with. According to a survey discussed by CNN, only 23 percent of Americans stated that they used all of their vacation days over the last year. Many also fear that taking time off will put them behind when they return, but time off will do wonders for your mind and your productivity.

4. You can spend time with friends and family

While work is a very important part of life, the life you lead outside of the workplace is equally valuable. Taking vacation time allows you to spend quality time with the people you love, truly appreciate those in your life, and can even help you build new relationships. Spending time with the important individuals in life will increase happiness, which can transfer into your work.

5. Travel helps you learn a lot about the world

Whether traveling within the country or to a foreign location, travels can always teach you something about the world or yourself. There are many cultures, foods, historical facts, and unique destinations that can show you something you didn’t know before, and because of this, you will be more knowledgeable and better off than you were before the trip. You may even discover your new favorite place or inspiration for further exploration.