5 Reasons to Use a Proxy Service When Overseas

A proxy service acts as an intermediary between your computer and the server you are requesting information from. There are three common types of proxies, a tunneling proxy, a forward proxy, and a reverse proxy. Each of these proxy services empowers users with different benefits or advantages, especially where security or internet safety is concerned. Here’s 5 reasons to use a proxy service when overseas:

1. Your Browsing Is Private
A proxy server will allow your browsing to be private and concealed from any external networks. This is especially useful if the wireless internet connection you’re browsing with isn’t particularly trustworthy. You’ll be completely protected from any unwanted attention or potential attacks. Most services do not use cookies, either. There will be no way to store your browsing information in anyone’s database.

2. Caching Is Normally Enabled
Caching is a process which will drastically reduce your bandwidth use and speed up your browsing during times where your internet connection is limited. As your proxy service caches websites, your ability to conduct business over the internet will increase.

3. You’ll Have An Administrator
Anyone who has ever worked for a large company can attest to the usefulness of administrative staff. At the end of the day, having a point person or two for when things need to be accomplished quickly or settings need to be changed can mean the difference between an effective workday and a stagnant one. Administrators can easily place firewalls or block unnecessary or harmful websites from users. One of the most common uses for proxy services is to use them as a filter for employees as they browse the internet.

4. Accurate Location Testing
This aspect of proxy services is particularly useful for businesses who need to ensure that people who land on their website are directed to the appropriate geographical content that is relevant to their location. In order to properly implement this type of feature on your website, you would want to test it rigorously. A proxy service enables you to accurately test the way a website responds in correlation with the geographical location of the user.

5. Access Sites That May Be Geographically Limited
This point goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. If you’re traveling for business, you may not have access to every single site you would normally use while at home. Some sites are simply not available in every single part of the world. For times where you are unable to access a website based on your physical location, a proxy service comes in handy. The proxy service will allow your computer to communicate with the server it is trying to reach in the same way a computer physically located in the proper physical location would communicate with the destination server.