5 Smart Items to Bring on a Fishing Charter Trip

If you’re getting ready to go on a charter fishing  trip, you probably want to be packed and ready to go on the big day. If you’re wondering what to bring on your trip, then you might want to make a list. Some of the items that you will probably want to bring on your fishing charter trip have been listed here.

1. Fishing License

First of all, you might need a fishing license when you go on your fishing trip. You may need to go through a process to apply for a fishing license, so you will not want to wait until the day of your trip to get this handled. If you don’t have your fishing license, then you might not be allowed to fish while you’re on the trip, so this is definitely something that you will want to take seriously.

2. Layers of Clothing

Next, it’s a good idea to bring layers of clothing. On a sunny day, you might find that you’ll get really hot when you’re on the boat. However, if the breeze starts blowing, you might get a little chilly. Wearing layers and bringing along a light jacket will help you stay comfortable no matter what the weather might be like on your fishing charter trip.

3. Sunscreen

It’s easy to get sunburn while you’re on a fishing charter trip. Therefore, it’s definitely important to bring along sunscreen. Make sure that you choose a sunscreen that is resistant to water, and apply it multiple times throughout the day, particularly if you are on a longer fishing charter trip.

4. Towels

You can use towels for all sorts of things when you’re on a fishing charter trip. You might need something to dry off with, to dry off a wet seat or just to sit on so that you can get comfortable. Having a hand towel and then a slightly larger towel, such as a beach or bath towel, in your bag for each person who is going to be on the trip will help.

5. Seasickness Medicine

If you have never been on a boat, there is the chance that you will have seasickness. If you’ve experienced it in the past, then you might be worried that it will affect your trip. In either scenario, it’s not a bad idea to bring along an over-the-counter seasickness medication to help you.

It’s definitely smart to bring certain things with you when you’re going on a fishing charter trip. The five things listed above will give you a good starting point. If you aren’t sure if there is anything else that you should bring, consider asking someone from the company that you are doing your charter trip with.