5 Things You Should Know About Male Incontinence

As a man, if you have a problem of holding urine, or you have trouble sleeping at night because of the number of times you wake up to go and urinate, we are going to provide you with details you need to know about this condition that is commonly known as male incontinence.

Your prostrate could be failing

As most men age, they easily experience prostrate enlargement. As the prostrate grows, it has the tendency of interfering with the proper functioning of the urethra, by placing additional pressure on it. This makes it hard for one to pee even if the urge to pee is present.

Stroke or Parkinson’s disease can cause more harm

As men age, the risks of having Parkinson’s or a stoke increases, and in some men, incontinence can be easily experienced. Stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis can damage the nerve endings that communicate with the bladder; this is particularly common when one suffers from the diseases listed above.

Be careful when using absorbent products

Females are more familiar with incontinence issues, and this makes most of the absorbent products to be designed with the female in mind. This does not favor men who would like to protect themselves from embarrassing situations that can come when a leakage happens. Thankfully, male products have started flooding the markets as well. There are disposable or absorbent underwear for men, ranging from boxers to briefs, and compression pouches to provide support to the urethra.

One can learn the natural bladder support.

Men should not stay with the stereotype that poor bladder health will remain with them for the entirety of their lives. There are steps that can provide your body with what it needs. Additionally, there are products that use natural ingredients to support the body’s ability to store up urine.

Kegel exercises for guys

Surgery and pills are not the only options for taking care of male incontinence and other issues that are directly related to bladder issues. Kegel exercises are pelvic muscle exercises that can help men have control over urinating. Kegel exercises are simple to perform; all one needs to do is to hold and squeeze the muscles that are used to stop someone from urinating in the middle of the process. In other words, learning to stop urinating midway is the best way to identify these muscles so that you can do the same exercises during the day.

Bladder health problems have been an issue isolated to women, but men are also affected by this issue. There are various products in the industry to help you counter bladder leakages and overactive bladders. Always seek the counsel of a medical practitioner to help you in the recovery process.