5 Tips For Common Septic Solutions

When your septic system doesn’t function as it should, there could be a few different reasons behind the issue. Common problems that could occur include a tank that is full and that needs to be pumped out or a line that is leaking. Once you discover the issue, you need to get it corrected as soon as possible to prevent further damage from taking place. Here are a few tips for taking care of common septic problems on your own before you make a call to a professional.

If you have trees near your septic tank, then you might notice that the roots have started invading the lines. Large roots are usually strong enough to push through the walls of the tank as well. If you notice any kind of water standing in your yard near the tank or any issues with water backing up inside your home, then consider having the tree removed as well as the roots.

Too Much Water 
The septic tank is responsible for holding the waste products from your home. If there is too much water in the tank, then these waste products will have a difficult time breaking down. Avoid washing clothes every day if possible to allow for less water to enter the tank. You can also decrease the length of time that you spend in the shower.

Clogged Lines 
When you flush your toilet and see that the water and waste products don’t go down as they should or notice that the water in the sinks doesn’t drain properly, then the lines are likely clogged. This can be caused by too much toilet paper being used, something being flushed that shouldn’t be, or grease being poured down the sinks. Monitor everything that is put in the pipes of your home that lead to the septic tank to ensure that they only receive the proper materials.

While you might want your clothes to be sparkling clean, you might be using too much laundry detergent as this can break down the lining of your pipes. Using too much dish detergent can cause similar issues. Only use the recommended amount of the product so that you don’t overfill the machine or the sink and the lines.

Too Full
One of the most common issues with septic tanks is that the tank gets too full because it’s not properly maintained. You should try to have your tank pumped every other year to keep the amount of waste to a minimum. You need to consider the number of people in your home and the number of bathrooms as some tanks might need to be pumped sooner.

If there are issues with your septic tank, then you might begin to notice unpleasant odors outside or in your yard. You might notice standing water in your yard. Once these issues present, then you need to discover what has caused them so that you can quickly solve the issue before you need a new septic tank or plumbing lines.