6 Essential Items Your Soccer Player Needs This Season

Soccer is a popular sport that is played by children, teenagers and adults, but you need specialized gear in order to enjoy the game. This sport is played by amateur and professional teams in many countries worldwide, and spectators love to watch a game while sitting on benches in a stadium. In some countries, soccer is referred to as football, but not in the United States.

1: Soccer Shorts

Most soccer players like to wear shorts instead of pants while playing a game of soccer, and this clothing is usually made of a lightweight natural fabric to wick away perspiration. Traditionally, soccer shorts have wider legs, and players prefer to wear longer shorts for modesty.

2: Protective Gear

You must protect your knees and lower legs while playing soccer to avoid bruises or broken bones. Manufacturers have created specialty shin guards and kneepads for soccer players of different sizes. There are inexpensive kneepads and shin guards that are made of foam rubber or expensive ones that are made of fiberglass.

3: Soccer T-shirt

Players wear a team T-shirt when competing to help players and spectators to recognize everyone who is playing on the field. There are numerous shirt designs that include lightweight material for the summer or heavier fabrics for the autumn.

4: Soccer Socks

A soccer player usually wears long socks that almost reach the knees. The reason for wearing knee socks during soccer is because a player wants to protect their shins from an injury. Long socks also make it easier to wear shin guards while playing a game.

5: Soccer Shoes

Soccer players wear specialized shoes while playing soccer in order to prevent slipping and falling on a natural grass field. The soles of soccer shoes have studs or cleats that dig into the ground. In the past, soccer shoes were only available in black, but today, manufacturers are making numerous colors and designs. In addition, players often personalize their soccer shoes.

6: Soccer Ball

You can’t play soccer without a soccer ball that has a traditional white and black design. However, it is possible to buy soccer balls in other colors and smaller sizes. When a team is playing a professional game, the players typically use a regulation-size soccer ball, but children often play with smaller balls.

Identifying Players On a Field

To keep track of each team on a soccer field, players wear different colors of uniforms. One team might wear a black and yellow uniform while the opposing team has a green and orange uniform. Teams also have names, and a player’s last name is often embroidered or stamped on a T-shirt or jacket to keep track of the players on the field.