6 Tips for Beginners of the Barre Workout

If you are beginning to perform barre workout routines, then remember to use a variety of techniques to make it fun and easy. Barre exercise is an intense workout that combines yoga, dance and Pilates. Barre exercise is often performed while you are listening to music, and it includes using a variety of equipment such as small weights or balls. Use these techniques to help make barre routines more beneficial.

Tip 1: Learn To Focus On the Specialized Movements

When you are in a barre exercise class, it is easy to compare your positions to an experienced student. However, you should avoid doing this because it will reduce your self-esteem. Try to find a location in the exercise studio so that you are in front of a mirror. Focus on watching yourself rather than looking at the other students in the class.

Tip 2: Listen To Your Instructor 

At the same time, you should listen to your instructor carefully to understand how to make the correct movements. If you don’t understand something, then talk to the instructor later so that she can show you how to position your arms, torso or legs for a movement. As a new student, you may want to choose a location in a studio where you are closer to the instructor.

Tip 3: Begin Routines Gradually

Don’t try to complete longer routines when you aren’t physically fit. Begin your barre routines gradually so that your body’s muscles and tendons have time to adjust to this special type of exercise. If you try to do too much too soon, then you risk an injury that could require several weeks to heal.

Tip 4: Don’t Expect Perfection Immediately

Remember that the other students in a barre class will probably have more experience, so don’t expect perfection from your movements. If you are too hard on yourself, then you will become anxious before an exercise class, and this will make performing the movements more difficult. After the class, make sure to practice the movements at home so that you can perfect your exercise regimen.

Tip 5: Choose Great Music

If you are using barre exercise at home, the choose music that you love to soothe or energize you. Barre music has several elements, including dance movements, so you should look for CDs that are designed for dancing. You can also download music onto your smartphone.

Tip 6: Enjoy the Exercise Routines 

One of the most important reasons to exercise is for enjoyment, so don’t worry about performing barre movements like a professional trainer. By exercising several times a week, you can have an improved mood in addition to having a stronger and thinner body.