6 Tips For Designing Your New Bathroom

Designing a new bathroom can be a daunting task. On the other hand, it can be exciting and draw out your creativity. Here are six tips for designing your new bathroom:

1. Make It Cheerful 
Many bathrooms are not only small, but windowless. Because of that, it’s important to make the room not only well-lit by artificial lighting but cheerful. This may mean bright primary colors or pastels, bath mats that feel delicious under the feet and shiny fixtures, whether they be polished chrome or polished brass or nickel.

2. Pinpoint the Needs of Your Family 
You need to pinpoint what your family needs when it comes to the bathroom, especially if you have a family bathroom. Each family has different needs depending on its size ad composition. Do you have little kids who may need a step stool to reach the sink? Do you need a caddy for your makeup? Does your husband have a place to keep his shaving things?

3. Consider Safety 
The bathroom needs to be a safe place. This means bright but not glaring lighting, a lockable medicine cabinet or vanity that keeps inquisitive children and pets away from dangerous drugs and cleansers. You might want to consider scald protection for the hot water line. This keeps the temperature of the hot water from becoming too hot. Mats are also good for preventing slips as well as keeping feet warm on cold mornings. If you have elderly family members or members who are disabled, grab bars in the shower stall or above the bathtub and toilet are useful.

4. Be Creative with Accessories 
Accessories are everything in the bathroom that aren’t fixtures. That means linens, plants, rugs, shower curtains, curtains or shutters over the windows, mirrors, pictures, soap, tissues, figurines, shelves, hardware for the cabinets, drawers and doors, towel racks and rings and other bric-a-brac. These accessories can be used to enhance or change the overall color scheme or atmosphere of the bathroom.

5. Try and Leave the Plumbing Alone
Unless it’s absolutely unavoidable, don’t rearrange or add plumbing. It adds a startling amount to the cost of renovating or remodeling a bathroom.

6. Make the Room Look Bigger 
If the bathroom is really minuscule, it can be made to look larger by painting it a lighter color. The lightest color, by the way, isn’t white but pale, lemon yellow. Another tip is to leave one wall empty. Even if the other walls are full of shelves, racks, fixtures or accessories, one empty wall makes the room look larger.

The bathroom has long since being a place that’s dark, cold and uninspiring. It is now as much a part of the design of the house as the livingroom or bedroom, Just a few tips can help your bathroom to stand out.