6 Vaping Tips Beginners Need to Know

Many people are quitting smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. A recent Forbes article stated that millions of people find vaping to be an effective smoking cessation method. If you’re interested in using an electronic cigarette, it’s wise to learn important vaping tips. With that in mind, here are six vaping tips beginners need to know.

1. Consider Purchasing Several Types of Flavors 
One of the benefits of vaping is being able to choose from a wide variety of flavors. Considering that, it’s important to avoid limiting your options to one type of e-liquid. Instead, explore fruit, beverage, tobacco, and other flavors to find what you like.

2. Choosing the Right Level of Nicotine 
You’ll need to know how much nicotine you’re vaping. Most e-liquid companies add varying amounts of nicotine into their products. Vaping too much nicotine could cause you to experience headaches. But, not having enough nicotine might make you feel that vaping isn’t worth it.

3. Finding the Right PG/VG Balance 
The liquid that you’ll vape contains polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycol often labeled PG and VG. Liquids with higher amounts of PG offer more of a throat hit while producing less vapor as you exhale. Higher VG juices provide less of a throat hit while producing larger amounts of vapor.

4. Cleaning Your Connections 
While using your vape, you’ll need to make sure to clean this product at regular intervals. This helps to ensure that your vaping device remains in optimal condition. You don’t need extensive equipment to clean your vaping device. Instead, use a q-tip to clean the connection between your battery and tank device. This helps to avoid any buildup that could cause your battery to not make a proper connection.

5. Knowing When to Change Your Coils
Inside your electronic cigarette’s tank, you’ll find some type of heating element. As this element heats your liquid, it will begin to accumulate build up. After this happens, you’ll notice muted flavor and can sometimes encounter a burnt taste while vaping. To prevent this, replace your coils on a regular basis. 

6. Not All E-Liquids Work Well in Plastic Tanks 
You’ll usually be able to choose between either plastic or glass tanks. If you’re using plastic tanks, make sure to avoid certain types of liquids. For instance, cinnamon and citrus-based liquids are known to damage plastic tanks. If enough damage occurs, it can begin to break your tanks from the inside out.

In closing, there are several important tips that beginning vapers should know. Following these tips ensure you stand the best chance of enjoying this hobby. If this happens, you might kick your smoking habit for good.