8 Clever Ways to Make a Move Less Stressful on Children

Moving from one place to another is never an easy process. When you’ve got kids involved in the process, the challenges that face the average family become a lot more present.

Getting from your old home to your new home doesn’t have to be an impossible chore though. Use these eight tips to make a move less stressful on your children.

1. Get Kids Ready First

Kids are notoriously difficult to get ready for things they don’t want to do. On moving day, get your kids ready first so they’re all packed, ready and dressed when it’s time to get out the front door even if they are having a meltdown.

2. Allow Extra Time

You can’t force kids to love moving, but you can allow extra time for children to express their feelings and sit in one place. You can also build time into your schedule to make stops at fun places like parks.

3. Don’t Suppress Feelings

There’s no reason to stop kids from expressing their anger, resentment or general unhappiness when it comes to moving. In fact, make this part of your schedule and build in a little extra time to talk to your kids.

4. Pack Snacks

A hungry kid is prone to crying, screaming and all sorts of mayhem. Pack snacks that your child looks that aren’t perishable. Granola bars, fruits like apples and bananas and your child’s favorite crackers are ideal for moving day.

5. Keep Beverages Available

Hungry kids are the worst, but thirsty kids aren’t far behind. You don’t want to pack sugary sodas, but items like water and juice are ideal. If you’ve got a long drive, a cooler or lunchbox will help you save money too.You can even pack drinks like iced coffee for the adults.

6. Have Technology Handy

You may limit your child’s screen time in general, but on moving day, it may be time to break those rules to keep your kids entertained. iPad and tablet games, as well as your child’s favorite shows or music, can make moving day better for kids and parents.

7. Pack Books

If your child is a real bookworm, or they just like flipping through the pages, books can make a move a lot more fun. Keep them handy and they’ll work out well while you’re waiting to leave your residence and when you arrive at your new place and need to start unpacking.

8. Don’t Forget Toys

Depending on how old your child is, packing toys can make or break your moving day. Favorite items should be kept on hand, ideally in a ready-bag with other items like snacks, books and other things to keep your child busy.