9 Reasons for Christians to Read News From a Christian Source

Most of us feel that it is our duty to follow the good Lord’s word in all aspects of life, but in a world filled with corruption and deceit, it is often hard to determine who is really playing for the right team. Following a Christian news source is an easy way to ensure that your morals aren’t being compromised by simply reading the daily news. In the article below, we have compiled the 9 most important reasons for Christians to read from a Christian news source.

1. You’ll Never Miss News About the Church

Most major news networks today have their focus on a few controversial topics and refuse to cover any other material than that which sells and stirs the pot. That’s why you’ll usually never hear any news about the Church or Christianity on popular news sources, despite the fact that a staggering majority of American citizens are Christians.

2. Wholesome Articles Will Improve Your Life

Instead of simply reporting on usual topics such as criminal activity or political controversies, Christian news sources expand their content to include relevant news pieces that will actually improve your life. It’s easy for many to forget or even ignore some of the basic principles of Christianity amidst the stress of taking care of a family or working overtime. Many Christian news outlets include articles reminding readers to follow the teachings of Christ in everyday life.

3. Your Morals Won’t Be Compromised

For you and your family, faith always comes first. For major news networks, however, ratings are the ultimate decider in what is supported and broadcasted. These networks will show what the public wants to see and what fits their agenda, not what is morally sound. Christian sources will always support your morals, and never convince you to believe in something that is so blatantly against the words of Christ.

4. Christian Sources Only Spread the Truth

Corruption is prominent in other news networks because they are driven by money and power, not the truth. Christian sources only spread the truth, and are all driven by one central truth.

5. Connect to the Christian Community

Other popular news networks are filled with followers who criticize Christian beliefs, and many who would even love to dismantle Christianity itself. Hatred is found everywhere in the world, but forcing yourself to read that kind of negativity just isn’t worth your time. When you follow Christian news sources, you will enter a community of supportive and like-minded individuals.

6. Find Politicians Who Support Christian Policies

Christian sources will primarily cover articles about Christian politicians. This ensures that you can support the politicians who fight for your beliefs.

7. Source for Charities

Many Christian news sources also have many links and advertisements for charitable organizations. This is because giving is central to Christian ideology. In fact, it is proven that religious people give more to charities on average. This may be because it is such a connected community dedicated to helping others.

8. Promotes Positive Outlook

Rather than major news networks that focus only on destructive events such as war, riots, and crime rates, Christian news sources attempt to switch the focus on positive events. There is an abundance of goodness in the world, but it isn’t often covered by traditional news sources.

9. Discover Christian Personalities and Celebriities

Although most media tries to silence celebrities from discussing religion, there are actually many devoted newscasters, actors, and comedians popular today. Christian sources will showcase these kind and talented celebrities, rather than others who would often rather spread negativity and drama.