Business Exhibits: How They Increase Awareness and Sales

Business exhibits are one of the best face-to-face opportunities for sales and marketing. The lead generation potential is extremely high and the target audience is full of direct sales opportunities. Business exhibits are cost-effective ways to both advertise and network. Finally, they are a great way to create a positive, lasting impression that may be beneficial months and years down the road.

Tradeshows Skills
According to Forbes magazine, companies that send employees to trade shows should ensure that they are endowed with a variety of highly effective skills. For example, the trade show team should carefully plan measurable objectives regarding leads and contacts. Next, team members should be trained to engage potential clients in an assertive, yet friendly way. They should also have high impact mailers to hand out and ways to connect through social media platforms. Additionally, the team should create a unique presentation that stands out from the competition. Be sure to prepare eye-catching handouts, such as snacks or clothes, to give to clients.

Target Select Demographics
In addition to reaching out to random exhibit attendees, the trade show team should also target specific people. They can either focus on certain job titles or functions, such as a sales or purchasing manager. Predictive analytics can be used in a database of past and current trade show attendees to understand more. In fact, sales people should directly reach out to high profile targets before the exhibit and invite them to informal breakfast or lunch meetings. However, this job is best left to the most talented and charismatic sales people who excel at approaching, engaging and persuading people.

Know the Competition
Business experts love to quote Sun Zi, the ancient Chinese military tactician. He famously said in his military treatise the Art of War that by knowing the enemy and yourself, you will always be victorious. Therefore, counter business intelligence should be gathered before, during and after the exhibit. For starters, companies should join the exhibits that their competitors attend. They should also analyze the sales and marketing tactics that the competition is using. If there is a powerful competitor who dominates the market, a small business should consider joining forces with a smaller competitor. Additionally, they should send over trusted acquaintances to their competition to collect handouts and elicit important information.

Brand Awareness
Business exhibits are an excellent way to raise brand and company awareness. In fact, the majority of trade show exhibitors attend to establish and communicate their brand to potential consumers. Therefore, exhibit attendees should craft a unique exhibit that visually projects their brand. For example, a company that manufactures athletic clothing could create a sports themed booth complete with a miniature basketball hoop that visitors can play with to earn prizes. On the other hand, a furniture company could use their products to create a comfortable room with free baked goods.

To recapitulate, business exhibits are an essential way to raise revenue, sales leads and brand awareness. They are also a great opportunity to engage in networking and counter business intelligence.