Don’t worry about family security while you are away

Strategic Home Security Keeps Families Safe
If you’re leaving home for a few days, weeks or months lock the door and vacation with ease.

Your valuables are protected with strategic planning. Let’s begin with recruiting a family member or friend to check the house while you’re away. Leaving a detailed to-do list for your favorite house sitter is a solid way to pick up the mail, water plants, feed the cat, trim hedges and mow the lawn. More importantly, house sitters can determine whether any windows or doors are broken and if something looks out of place.

Home safety also involves ensuring water does not flood your house from leaky faucet pipes, dishwashers, refrigerators and other major appliances. Padlocking gates and installing motion detectors throughout your property is an added security comfort while lounging on the beach in sunny Florida. Learn more about home security in the Forbes magazine article “Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Vacationing This Labor Day.”

Healthy home prevention measures will avoid costly home insurance claims, which can hike insurance premiums. A deterrent to crime is to develop a personalized neighbor watch. Ask neighbors to watch your property and call the police if they see anything suspicious. Retirees or inquisitive neighbors are the best observers. Securing doors and windows, particularly sliding glass doors, blocks burglars from entry. When home alarms systems are triggered the police immediately are contacted. Before you take that flight to Hawaii, take advantage of a police department patrol system that watches houses while families are away. Don’t leave the porch light shining during the day. Instead, use internal and external times to turn on outside lights with ease. Learn more about securing your home at Bankrate article Vacation security to avoid home insurance claim.

Taking a vacation is a time for fun and relaxation. In your neighborhood, no one, except your next door neighbors may know you’re not at home. Park a car in your driveway to make your house look livable. Lock all jewelry and important papers in a safe place within your home. It is crucial to ensure all insurance papers are current and coverage is sufficient to pay for potential theft or house damage. To help prevent electrical shortages, unplug all televisions, personal computers, stereos and other appliances that are not necessary to operate. To learn more important security tips read the U.S. Department of State’s, Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s, article Personal Security – At Home, On the Street, While Traveling.

Wave, after wave of technology has evolved with security systems that locks doors with the touch of a button. The new wave in home security is the keypad lock that allows homeowners to download an app to a smartphone or iPad. This all-in-one security system features facial recognition and voice activation. Camera systems installed in homes allow the comfort of watching your valuables via smartphone or tablet while vacationing in the Rocky Mountains. Learn more about keypad security in the Huffington Post article titled How Home Security is Evolving With Tech.