Graphic Design: How It Can Improve Your Business

Using images and graphics is a great way to promote and build your business, and is a crucial element to developing your brand. Here are some of the ways that graphics can benefit your business.

Well-designed, catchy graphics are a great way to make your brand stand out in a crowd of people. Having a logo and other great graphics helps you grab the attention of potential customers, and also helps make your business appear to be more interesting.

Better Remembrance
Graphics aren’t just a good way to grab people’s attention–they’re also effective at keeping people’s attention, or helping them remember you later on. Logos, photos, and other graphics stick in your customer’s minds, and if they recognize your company and remember noticing it before they’re much more likely to trust it later on.

Impart Professionalism
Would you meet with a potential customer or client while dressed in your pajamas? Of course not! You’d wish to dress in a way that is appropriately businesslike, so that they immediately know that you’re taking your business seriously.

Clothing isn’t the only way to impart a sense of professionalism. With eye-pleasing graphics, you can show people that your brand is to be taken seriously. Having a logo and coordinating graphics helps people feel that your business is established and professional.

Make a Point
You’ve doubtless heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And it’s true. Someone who renovates homes can talk for hours about what they did to improve a house, but a collection of “before” and “after” shots will still leave more of an impression than their words. A chef can painstakingly describe their dish, but an artful photograph has a better chance making you feel hungry.

The same principle holds true for your business. Show photos to explain how your product or service works. When you talk about percentages and statistics, use pie charts or bar graphs to give people a visual aid. Use infographics to give people a bunch of statistics and facts in an interesting and entertaining way.

What Not to Include
While most graphics are helpful and beneficial, there are some types of graphics which most businesses should always avoid using. Here’s a quick list of images that you should ban from your business:

  • Poor Photographs. If the subject of your photograph could be mistaken for Sasquatch, it’s time to either take a course in photography or hire someone else to use the camera.
  • Blinking Graphics. Years ago, websites were full of blinking, animated stickers and other random graphics. Today, these sorts of images only appear on outdated, tacky-looking websites or suspicious advertisements.
  • Copyrighted Material. Never steal another person’s work. Learn the differences between public domain, royalty-free, and creative commons licensing.