High Intensity Training: 3 Major Benefits to Gain

Most people stick to one type of workout or another: slow, steady burns or a high, fast paced exercise. However, high intensity training combines periods of slow workouts with intense activity. There are a number of benefits to combining these two types of workouts.


1. Efficiency.


The number one benefit of a high intensity workout is the amount of time it takes. Rather than working out for half an hour to an hour, fifteen minutes of high intensity workout equals nearly an hour of normal cardio. Just two weeks of high intensity training can equal nearly six to eight weeks of endurance training. It’s a tough workout, but it hits the body in all the right places.

The workout demands such intense focus, however, that it’s not a group activity. There’s no slow walking on a treadmill or chatting with a friend during the workout. Instead, you’ll be pushing your body hard the entire time. A proper workout can be performed in as little as four minutes.


2. More fat burn.


Unlike other workouts, high intensity training actually burns the majority of its fat in the 24 hours following the workout, rather than during the actual period of the workout. This is because it kicks the body’s metabolism into overdrive, so to speak. The body begins to repair itself more quickly, burning more fat as it does so. For those wanting to lose weight, high intensity training is the way to go.

Unlike other forms of cardio, high intensity training doesn’t risk muscle during the process of exercise. Steady cardio work can lead to muscle atrophy, but high intensity training targets mostly fat, rather than muscle. If you’re working to cut a few pounds for swimsuit season, high intensity training is the best option.


3. No equipment needed.


High intensity training doesn’t require specialized equipment. It can be done as a body weight workout alone. Jumping, running, biking, and rowing are all great ways to perform high intensity workouts. Just vary slow exercise with periods of maximum intensity. The goal is to work your heart, not just your muscles.

The benefit of high intensity training is that it takes up far less time than normal cardiovascular workouts, targets fat rather than muscle, and can be done anywhere. It’s the perfect exercise for people who are traveling. Businessmen, traveling journalists, and many other professionals will find that high intensity training is the ultimate hotel room workout.