How-to Wear a Vinyl Dress

Wearing a vinyl dress takes confidence and an ounce of courage. Wearing one can be done in a stylish and chic manner without looking garish or awkward. Vinyl can be intimidating, especially in its ultra form fitting style, but attention to details can relieve the stress of looking good and bring fun to wearing vinyl. That means determining the right dress style for you. Whatever your body shape and size, accessorizing is how to achieve the vinyl look.

Little Black Vinyl

Like any other little black dress, though it’s pretty much a given that most vinyl dresses are going to have some sheen and texture, minimal accessorizing is what is going to give a finishing touch to vinyl. Accessorizing is the key to effectively wearing most any black dress. As vinyl dresses are usually closer to the body and form fitting, they are often worn as evening attire and require specific enhancers and embellishment that incorporate added glamour to the mix.

With the starkness and sheen of black vinyl, you might want to think about a more polished and pulled together look. Bare shoulders and lower necklines are usually a given with these types of dresses, so it’s nice to bring them up a notch or two with added adornments and layering possibilities.


Think about adding a shrug type knit jacket that incorporates glittering elements or using an open front kimono sleeved jacket or split-sleeve blouse in a wild print. Any brightly patterned jacket or top, whether open, zipped, asymmetrical or belted will give oomph to a vinyl dress. In addition, more subdued colors, like camel or champagne go well with a shiny black vinyl dress and bring a more traditional look that can be used to emphasize a work or street fashion statement. Another thought is the use of a longer tunic or dolman sleeved blouse, banded blouse or sweater top placed over a skimpy vinyl dress or mini skirt as it creates a layered and two-tone effect.


Go all out with one color, whether for black vinyl or any other color. Use a black lace or netting overlay order underlay top, black patent heels, and a black feather handbag. If the dress is mini length, add opaque patterned tights or leggings. Floor length style vinyl dresses look great with a pointed toe high heel, flat, or mule in a two tone color or a jeweled or metallic look. Even a blouson top in chiffon or a curly faux fur jacket can really ratchet up an evening look with a vinyl dress, whether the dress is black or another color.

More Enhancement

Depending on the neckline of the dress, a statement necklace or choker can add a finishing touch, as do tassel earrings or diamond studs or hoops, along with leather and stacked gem bracelets. A fabric evening bag in an unusual shape and color is another favorable addition, as would be black killer stilettos, or suede open weave booties and a bling ankle bracelet. Even belts can change and enhance the look of a vinyl dress. Think narrow with gold, silver, fabric or jeweled effects.

Color, Shape, Style, Body Type

Wearing a vinyl dress often hinges on the right color selection. Deep colors in varying shades of red, blue and black as well as blushing pinks and neutrals round out most color choices in vinyl The right shade and dress shape for your body type is what you want to incorporate in your wardrobe. Style and shape will determine how a vinyl dress looks on most anyone. Obviously if you are carrying weight in your hips and are poured into a vinyl dress, you may want to add a long metallic duster and other jewelry enhancers and shoes to carry off the look. Long tassel necklaces, cluster or fringe statement necklaces, or long multi-strand dangle earrings or even wire stick earrings will help to create a longer and leaner line. Pointed two-tone mules or sling back heels will also enhance the look and length.

Whether you plan on wearing a vinyl dress for evening wear or are thinking of it in a more traditional work related sense, there are innumerable ways to wear it that can be coordinate with your style, shape and size. Vinyl appears to be here to stay and part of classic fashion, so indulge in vinyl, play with your style and have fun with it.