Mexico Travel: Tours Worth Checking Out

With the current political climate, many travelers are avoiding Mexico for safety reasons. However, this means the country is suffering a major decline in tourism and that many world class sights are going unseen. Because of the lack of travelers, many tour companies have lowered their prices, making right now one of the best times to go to Mexico. While certain parts of the country may indeed be dangerous, the majority is perfectly safe — and certainly beautiful.

Chichen Itza from Cancun

When people think of Cancun, they think of wild parties and college graduates. They rarely think of ancient ruins. However, the Chichen Itza ruin is within easy traveling distance from Cancun, making it perfect for a day trip. Sure, have fun. Dance the night away. Just take the time to visit the remnants of an ancient civilization while you’re there.

Guadalajara Tequila Train Tour

There are only a few places in Mexico still producing tequila, and Jalisco is one of them. This train leaves from Guadalajara and carries passengers on a tour through the region, explaining how tequila is made — and of course, offering plenty of taste testing. Tour groups are small, so personalized attention is the norm here. In addition to the scenery, guests are also treated to a folklore performance and loads of local cuisine.

Acapulco Cliff Diving

Mexico is full of adrenaline junkies, and the cliff divers of La Quebrada are no exception. While it takes a significant amount of training to be able to leap safely from these cliffs, the La Perla restaurant serves drinks and dinner, allowing visitors to sit and watch the performance from the safety of solid ground. Hotel drop off and pickup is provided to and from the destination.

Playa del Carmen Snorkeling Tours

Playa del Carmen is an oft-overlooked destination featuring beautiful beaches and a quiet atmosphere, but it also features plenty to do for the more adventurous. Proving once more that just as much beautiful scenery lies under the waves as above them, the snorkeling tours allow visitors to swim with giant turtles and dolphins. There are also breathtaking natural rock formations under the waves that most people never see.

Mexican Food Crawl

In most major cities through Mexico, guests will find food tours that take them on a guided tour of all the local cuisine in the area. These are well worth paying a visit to. You’ll leave with a full belly and a better appreciation for how the people there make their cuisine.