Privacy and Protection: The Value of Window Film

If you are looking to add instant privacy and protection to your home or office, window film is the answer. The cost of covering your windows, or having them covered, is surprisingly affordable when you consider the benefits. Few other products on the market can afford you both security protection and privacy at the same time. Here are just five benefits of protective film.

1. Energy Savings

When you choose to cover your windows with a protective film, you realize energy savings fairly quickly. Security film blocks the sun’s rays, keeping your space cooler. This reduces your need to rely on an air conditioner or central air. In the winter, the film helps to prevent warm air from leaking out of your rooms. Your reliance on your heating system is reduced.

2. Privacy

You may not be handling documents that are a matter of national security, but chances are you do not want any potential thieves to look through your windows. With tinted window film, you are blocking the direct line of vision into your space. The same can be said of your home. Imagine not having to draw your curtains to give your family privacy.

3. Storm Damage

Many people do not realize that security window film provides some protection from storms. While no window film will protect you completely, many films are rated for severe storms. Your windows will be protected from hail, hurricanes and flying debris. You may receive a bit of damage, but you can reasonably expect to not have windows that are completely shattered by Mother Nature.

4. Natural Light

When you install window film over your home or office windows, you can keep the blinds and curtains open. This allows natural light in. Many films allow up to 70 percent of the sunlight in. That amount of light is enough to work by without being so strong that it causes UV damage to your interior.

5. UV Protection

UV light from the sun can fade your carpets, furniture and walls. Window film will block these harmful rays, giving your interior accessories a chance at a longer life. Think of window film as sunglasses for your interior. You can see out, the look of your home or office is not compromised, but you receive all of the protection you are looking for.

If you have been looking for a way to protect your home or office, window film is an excellent option. More affordable than a security system, window film provides you with both privacy and protection. If you have a desire for privacy, install window film today.