Size Matters: Magnum Clocks for your Business

If you are like most people, you may glance at the clock a dozen or more times each day. This likely is one of the first things you do when you open your eyes in the morning, and you may look at the clock several times before you even leave for work and while you are commuting to the office. Throughout the day, there may be numerous responsibilities and tasks that need your attention at a specific hour, such as being at work at a certain time, attending scheduled meetings and even leaving work early enough so that you can pick up the kids on time. In the workplace, time may be critical, and it can impact everything from customer service to productivity. Giving your employees the ability to quickly and easily tell time is imperative, and this is why many owners and managers will invest in a Magnum clock.

How Magnum Clocks Are Different
Magnum clocks are unlike other watches and clocks that may also be accessible to you and your team because of their large size and easy-to-read display. They generally are up to one to two feet in length and several inches or more tall. They have a black background with large red LED numerals that are clearly visible from a significant distance away. Magnum clocks are often mounted at the top of the wall in a large room or even in a hallway so that everyone in the area can easily see what time it is. This is in comparison to other clocks and watches that may be designed for more individual use or that may require the individual to be very close to see what time it is.

Why Size Matters
One of the most significant differences between Magnum clocks and other clocks is the size of the numbers. Size is important because it enables the numbers to easily be seen from far away by many people at the same time. Nobody has to stare at the clock for several minutes to determine which hands are on which numbers and to decipher the time. Instead, your entire group or team will be on the same time schedule. Those who need to step away to attend a meeting can do so at the same time, and everyone will know when it is time to break for lunch or leave at the end of the day. Because everyone is on the same time schedule, productivity, efficiency and promptness are not concerns.

Investing in a Magnum clock may be one of the best things you have done for your office in years. Take time to learn more about the different types of Magnum clocks today, and choose the model that is best for your needs.