The Main Causes of Bed Bugs

Bedbugs and Their Causes
Hence the name, bedbugs typically invade areas near sleeping quarters. Some typical places to see them includes in the crevices of mattresses and box springs. They also favor bed frames, headboards, and anything that may be surrounding the bed, including clutter. Peeling paint and loose wallpaper also supplies them with good spots to hide, and even more have been seen under carpeting near baseboards, in the seams of upholstered furniture, and behind light switch plates and electrical outlets. (Click Here

Though these tiny pests are often associated with dirty conditions and filth, that is nothing more than a myth. Bedbugs aren’t picky about where they settle down. Their only real requisite is that their home is warm with plenty of hiding spots, which makes areas near bedding ideal for these fast-producing bugs. These parasites must be exterminated as they can harm your pets and bite all over you until they run out of exposed skin. And they will search until they’ve covered every inch of your body.

A combination of factors has lead to the reemergence of bedbug infestations in recent years. The most common of these include:

1. Increased International Travel
Though bedbug were virtually wiped out of North America for about 30 years due to advanced pest control methods, increased travel to oversees countries has re-introduced these parasites into our society. Unfortunately, they travel well and can easily jump from clothing to luggage, furniture, and other warm, cloth surfaces.Click Here

2. Improved Pest Control Methods
Advanced pest control methods were designed to specifically target other pests, but as a result, bedbugs were basically forgotten. The newer methods evidently have no effect on the tiny bugs, which certainly attributed to their sharp increase in numbers over recent years.

3. Resistance to Pesticides
Over time, bedbugs have built up a resistance to the pesticides commonly used to kill off and control bedbug infestations. This has made them even more of a challenge to eliminate.

4. Lack of Awareness
Another factor is a general lack of understanding by the people of how bedbugs live, thrive, and reproduce. Not knowing how to prevent infestations or how to treat them leaves people with little defense against these nasty, blood-sucking parasites.

Bedbug Invasion
Bedbugs used to be associated with homes and hotels, only. But in recent years the population of bedbugs has increased so sharply that these mini vampires have spread to other places, as well. Infestations have been found in schools, office buildings, retail facilities, libraries, and a host of other public places. Clearly, they are a problem that needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later, unless we want their numbers to continue to increase and result in more frequent, wide spread infestations.