Top 10 Movies to Watch in 3D

3D technology is quickly becoming one of the most fascinating new forms of entertainment. Once just relegated to the most state of the art movie theaters, 3D entertainment is now an everyday fixture of the modern home, with 3D TVs and Blu-ray players being found in millions of living rooms across the country. In this article, we’ll examine the top ten 3D movies, analyzing how they push the boundaries of technology and epic storytelling.
1. Avatar
First and foremost is the epic James Cameron film Avatar. Released in 2010, Avatar is credited with pushing the boundaries of 3D technology to new heights and showing audiences the full benefit of the platform.
2. A Christmas Carol
Directed by Robert Zemeckis, 2009’s A Christmas Carol brings the Charles Dickens classic to life. In this film, the 3D style enhances Jim Carrey’s performance as Ebenezer Scrooge.
3. Tangled
While 3D animation films are known for their striking colors, Tangled uses its 3D effects to heighten the emotional resonance of its scenes. In particular, viewers were awestruck by the use of the technology in the climax of the film as Mandy Moore’s “I See the Light” plays in the background.
4. Tron: Legacy
The use of 3D in Tron: Legacy’s serves to show the audience the depth of the film’s fictional world, known as The Grid. In this case, the world of Tron: Legacy becomes more easily explorable and real to the viewer.
5. Gravity
Similarly to Avatar, Gravity is known for spearheading the rise of 3D technology. As with all effective uses of 3D, the technology serves to bring the audience into the story, with viewers actually feeling like they are floating through space.
6. Godzilla
In 2014, the King of the Monsters roared into 3D cinemas everywhere. In this monster epic, the 3D highlights Godzilla’s grandeur as he fights in all-out brawl with the film’s deadly creatures.
7. Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange is regarded as the greatest 3D movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Followers of the comic and casual moviegoers alike applaud the film’s spectacle as Doctor Strange and his allies use their magic to tilt and bend New York and other major cities with 3D effects.
8. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton’s legendary The Nightmare Before Christmas got a 3D update in 2006 that left critics spellbound. Seen as an improvement over the original, the 3D in this film provides colorful enhancement to the original’s dark and moody atmosphere.
9. Piranha 3D
Piranha 3D is the quintessential 3D comedy-horror film. In this film, the 3D technology augments the comedic storytelling and over-the-top situation as viewers are showered in blood from the film’s swarms of prehistoric piranhas.
10. Life of Pi
Last but not least, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi artfully uses 3D technology. In Lee’s film, the 3D serves to show the beauty of the ocean and the natural world.