What is malpractice and how can it affect me?

Medical malpractice cases can range from minor to severe. When a health care professional, doctor or hospital acts negligently and causes injury to a patient, malpractice has occurred. It’s a problem that affects thousands of individuals every year.

Depending on the case, the negligence could’ve resulted from errors in health management, treatment or diagnosis. According to the law, there are some specific characteristics that must be met before an incident can be considered malpractice.

Important Characteristics of Malpractice Cases

One of the most common characteristics is a violation of the standard of care. Put simply, the law states that there are specific medical standards that must be upheld by medical professionals and hospitals.

All patients should expect to be provided with care that is on par with the standard of care according to the law. If a hospital or health care professional fails to meet these standards, it could be grounds for a malpractice claim. Another characteristic of malpractice is an injury that has been caused by negligence.

In other words, a patient needs to prove they were injured because of negligence on the part of the hospital or physician. There is no case without an injury caused by negligence.

The third essential characteristic of a malpractice case is an injury resulting in significant damages. Since malpractice lawsuits are known to be extremely expensive, it’s crucial for your injury to have resulted in significant damages.

Future medical bills, suffering, undue hardship, severe pain, loss of income and disability are all forms of damages. To have a valid malpractice claim, your case must meet all of these characteristics.

How Medical Malpractice Can Affect You

Malpractice can affect you in many different ways. It can cause many problems for both doctors and patients. In some of the most severe cases, individuals have died. However, there are many more cases where patients have sustained serious or debilitating injuries.

The way that malpractice affects each individual is different. For you, it could result in lost income because of injuries you sustained. It might also result in significant medical bills that you’re expected to pay. The way malpractice affects you depends on the severity of the case.

There are also many minor cases of malpractice, and since they didn’t cause significant harm or financial damages, they’re not pursued. Each year, billions of dollars are paid out for settlements involving malpractice.

Every 43 minutes, someone receives a payout for this type of claim. It’s useful to remember that most insurance companies prefer to settle with patients directly, but in many situations, it will make far more sense to hire a lawyer and pursue your claim.